Taking COVID19 into consideration, I am offering a one on one workshop for Beginning Colored Pencil for those of you that thought that colored were just for kids.  Let me help you see the unique possibilities that can be accomplished with colored pencils.

The workshops will be here at my home either on my backyard patio or in my studio.  Face masks will be required and hand sanitizer will be available.

Some of what you will learn about will be:

     1.  Types of colored pencils

     2.  Types of papers and boards

     3.  Types of blending materials and blending  techniques

     4.  Methods for beginning and finishing your art project

     5.  Learning to see shapes and colors

Minimally it would be helpful if you have some art background such as basic drawing so you understand perspective but it's not required. 

Classes are $25 and students pay for the entire month at the first of the month.  Classes are an hour and a half each.

For more information please text me at 801-910-3506.

I am associated with Jan Henderson an internationally acclaimed wildlife artist.  Let me get you started on a the road with colored pencils and then if you feel you would like to take the next step contact Jan to see if you can get into her workshops.  Openings are limited but Jan can help you even further.  Check out her web site at: